ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR digital release on Tigerbeat6

Oct 01. 2011

We’ re pleased to announce our debut album “Die kir(s)che auf dem kopf”  will be released on September 5th. 2011 on Tigerbeat6 Records.
The download version will come with  extra “Der kopf auf der Kir(s)che” remix album by Stereovoid ( La Chatte), The Escapists (Leonard de Leonard), Axel Danke Schön (Team Plastique), aMinus, Johnny Boy, Mille, Tusk and Cindy Wonderful…

ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR was formed in Paris in 2005 by Aniajules (machines/synths) and Hanrigabriel (guitars/vox/machines/synths) ..

This male/female duo is an assault of electronic “machinerock” and heavily effected guitars.
They have toured almost without a break across Europe in venues and festivals, wailing vocals and thunderous beats plow through audiences with like a rip tide.

Songs of their debut album “die kir(s)che auf dem kopf” released in 2009 received good critics in the press, and have been featured on many compilations.

They ended touring 2010 playing in festivals known as Zoo musical (It), Drop dead festival (Lt), Fusion festival (De), and parties such as Almighty Wire nights, the offer night support and Symbol club party (which they co-organize with their friends of Reliq).

Back in the studio since february, the band prepare their second album to be released in october 2011.
Their first album, “die kir(s)che auf dem kopf” will be re-released on september 5st 2011 on TIGERBEAT6 records, coming with a bunch of remixes…

Besides performing live, the two members perform djset and have been ordered for remixes, soundtracks for fashion shows, exhibitions, theatre and movies scores.

” They mix the big electro sounds that Berlin is renowned for with the melodic overtones of the Parisian Kitsune sound. It settles nicely as a mish-mash of hard styles, from techno to ambient, always with an inflection of programmable synths and noises integrating itself within the harsh vocal style and big drums….”
” This is simply visceral stuff, amongst the most exciting, devastating,coruscating material the genre has puked up thus far… “
” Plunging you straight into a electro cacophonyas unrelenting as speeding down the autobahn this two piece producegloriously noisy, imaginative and fun machine rock…”
” comes on like the bastard child of Einstuerzende Neubauten and Atari Teenage Riot,albeit less po-faced than the former and less irritating than thelatter, perfecting the mix of cold techno beats and furious glam-punkguitars. For which, we are obliged to love them …”