Feb 20. 2012


Aniaetleprogrammeur is a Berlin based band formed in Paris by Aniajules (machines/synths) and Hanrigabriel (guitars/vox/machines/synths). They mix heavily effected guitars and vocals with massive electronic synths and beats, bridging the gap between rock music, epic composition, psychedelic electro and sounds lanscapes.
Since their start, they have toured almost without a break across Europe in venues and festivals, wailing vocals and thunderous beats plow through audiences with like a rip tide.
Songs of their debut album “Die kir(s)che auf dem kopf” released in 2009 received good critics in the press, and have been featured on many compilations and radio shows. A 7" vinyl came out on Plastic Spoons Records and followed the release of the album, featuring the songs "Ich bin müde" and "Ohhh", distributed via Rough trade and Born Bad.
The three of them constantly experiment and develop ways of controling light gears and devices on stage with triggerring and sequencers linked to their music devices.
Their debut album “Die kir(s)che auf dem kopf” was re-released on Tigerbeat6 Records in digital and on Force Royale in cd format on september 5th 2011. The download version came with and the extra “Der kopf auf der Kir(s)che” Lp album featuring remixes by Stereovoid ( La Chatte), The Escapists (Leonard de Leonard), Axel Danke Schön (Team Plastique), aMinus, Johnny Boy, Mille, Tusk and Cindy Wonderful (Scream Club), and three bonus tracks recorded in Berlin.
Besides performing live, the members perform djset, and have been asked for remixes, fashion shows and exhibitions soundtracks, theatre and movies scores.

(...) ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR comes like a fist and you can´t hide, the more silent these three people are the more powerful is their music. Their debut album is definitely one of the most powerfulest which have been on the New Wave market in years and so are their live shows. Everything, including the lights are programmed by the band. From the first tone they throw you in a vacuum and you can´t leave until they´re finished. Silently they start, powerful & stunning they rock, without a word they leave you and the stage and they leave an impression which will take your breath away. They express what a generation is feeling. ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR is a blast. The kings of modern No-Wave.
Steve Morell (Producer, DJ, Head of Pale Music Int, Reboot.Fm)