Natural Selection Denim

NATURAL SELECTION DENIM draws inspiration from the spirit of evolutionary progress.

It is this essence of constant improvement and development - in not only our brand, but our denim -that drives what we do and how we evolve season on season.

AUTUMN WINTER 11 - Natural Selection Denim

Dec 09. 2011


NS Denim



AW11 NS DENIM draws inspiration from the notion of Natural Selection, the spirit of competition and evolutionary progress. It is the essence of constant improvement that drives who we are, what we do and how we do it. We salute the denim pioneers before us and we respect the creators that surround us today. The NS DENIM brand reflects our core value of sincerity and functionality. Our passion for denim determines our pursuit for originality whilst preserving our strict rules of authenticity and no compromise. The foundations of the brand are its fabrication and the richness of its detailing. All living things for survival and this empowers Natural Selection Denim in its battle for recognition, authority and innovation.


NS DENIM’s AW11 Collection draws inspiration from the theme ‘Hierarchy within the Railroad’.

A collection inspired by the uniforms and outfits worn by all male workers involved in the railroad, from the officer’s, right through to the Labourers laying the tracks, specifically the outer wear which in also introduced into the AW 11 denim collection. Fabrics include British Corduroy, Japanese Cotton and Italian wool. Using heritage reference from the railroad theme, but interoperated in a modern way, with coloured multi checks and chambray lining.


NS Denim AW11 Collection -


Upper Garments:

BLANKET JACKET – Japanese denim from the Kuroki Mill in Okayama Japan.

GUARDIAN JACKET – Double Breasted P coat with Japanese brushed cotton removable lining.

MONUMENT JACKET – Italian Brushed wool jacket with chambray lining.

PLATFORM SHIRT – Brushed Japanese Cotton shirt with a multi coloured check.

INSPECTOR SHIRT - Raw Selvedge shirt.

SIGNAL SHIRT – Red Japanese Cotton check shirt.


The theme relates also to the non-denim pants, including:

SHUN CHINO – Grey selvedge denim pant.

PABLO PANT – British corduroy pant.

DRIVER PANT – Japanese Canvas pant.



NM RAW – 13oz Japanese Selvedge Fabric from Okayama Japan.

SCRATCHED - 13oz Japanese Selvedge Fabric from Okayama Japan – This jean remains dry like a RAW, but with heavy scratching to the key areas such as the thigh whiskers and front and back knee placement. To give the impression of a naturally worn in jean without washing.

RINSED – 13oz Japanese Selvedge Fabric from Okayama Japan – But with a first stage rinse, so the jean is soft and also the indigo is rich in colour.

SADDLE – 12oz selvedge fabric. This is a vintage wash to give the impression of a 10 year old jean that has been used for manual work.