The Ilaria Nistri universe is a constant search for unnatural equilibrium. The dynamic tension created by a post-modern vision sees rough elements like leather and metal teamed with impalpable ones like silks and sheers, creating unexpected moods.

AMYGDULE fashion film - ILARIA NISTRI ss12

Nov 30. 2011

Since 2010 Ilaria Nistri has tried various new languages to communicate her style experimentation, Increasing contamination right across contemporary art sees collaboration with artists like Tomàs Saraceno for presentation of the A|W 10|11 collection and with the neo-avant-garde Italian theatre company Santasangre for the performance-event Liquida Matrice S|S 11.

This year Ilaria Nistri supports Lo Schermo dell’Arte, the international film festival on contemporary art held every year in Florence. A preview of Amygdule will be shown on 21 and 24 November as part of this partnership.

Amygdule is a series of visions in photos and videos narrating the imagery that has fuelled the Ilaria Nistri S|S 12 collection.

A collection dotted with graphic signals of inevitable rupture: overlapping faces, imperfect yet coexisting, crumbling before the inevitable wake up call of a multi-shaped liquid identity. In the knowledge that no formal definition can convey the complexity of a metallic fluid iridescence, self-awareness inevitably passes through pain. A misty dawn tinged with yellow breaks in a scenario of unexpected memories, fits and starts, prisons of the Ego. Consciousness multiplies and unites, immersed in a rarefied atmosphere that illuminates a new emotional panorama: awareness for new-found peace.

Against the backdrop of the Stazione Leopolda, the emotional charge of the Amygdule project makes its mark thanks to the images by photographer Monica Bielskyte. Lithuanian by birth and Parisian by choice, this photographer is also editor-in-chief of the Some/things Magazine. In the form of a book, each issue gets right to the core of different concepts, always on the edge between art and fashion. Hence its logical distribution in museums, galleries and concept stores like the Palais de Tokyo, Yvon Lambert, Corso Como 10, Eclaireur and many others.

Whereas the fashion film Amygdule, was entrusted to Almagreal (Massimo Alvito and Giulia Reali), a creative unit working in the creative direction and production of fashion films. Almagreal studies and highlights the language of body and space, creating contamination between fashion, video and performance. Their vision meets up with that of Ilaria Nistri, as it did in the fashion film based on the performance by Santasangre in Milan for presentation of the Ilaria Nistri S|S11 collection.



Photo: Monika Bielskyte

Photographer’s assistant: Rufus Alexander Knight

Styling: Monika Bielskyte

Art direction: Ilaria Nistri, Alice Morelli

AMYGDULE - Fashion Film

3'39", Italia

Concept & direction: almagreal (Giulia Reali & Massimo Alvito)

Photography & post-production: Juri Ciani

Soundtrack: Teresa Jevaux

Mastering: Federico Coretti

Art direction: Ilaria Nistri, Alice Morelli

Styling: Monika Bielskyte

Hair & Make-up: Roberto Pagnini

Starring: Michelle den Hollander