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My core job is interior decoration that I work on freelance basis, but I also have variety of interests toward fashion, design, art, etc.
Through this Blog, I wish to introduce great brands and wonderful artists from around the world.


Feb 22. 2014


イギリス発のヴィジュアルマガジンMOTHER MAGAZINE Vol.2がロンドンから届きました。






'Not because of the technology but in spite of it, beauty, that ghost, that treasure, passes undiminished through the new machines' Rushdie

MOTHER is an independent Anglo-Japanese platform exploring new visual dialogue. MOTHER rejects the temporary, the throwaway and the nostalgic, looking ahead to permanence, newness and nowness. Conceived to a vanguard aesthetic, the project encompasses fashion editorial, photography, movement, art and architecture.

MOTHER print Volumes are produced to the highest standards in a limited edition of 1000 copies. MOTHER is a visually intense publication; less a magazine, more a collectable object. A permanent, beautiful thing in our otherwise virtual lives.


Contributors for Volume II include Tadao Ando, Shinichi Maruyama, Cope & Arnold, Yu Yamauchi, Ikko Narahara, Patrick Houi, MI-ZO, Frode & Marcus, Akatre, Kimiko Yoshida and Taka Mayumi.

Directed + Founded by Kate Friend.

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